Episode 1: The Real Sophie Gray

Sophie Gray, aka “Way of Gray,” is a social media influencer who originally gained fame posting bikini and fitness photos. Now she focuses on empowering girls in a more authentic way.

Episode 2: Coming of Age

In episode 2 we look at empowering girls as they journey into womanhood. We visit the Maiden’s Journey and Go Girls programs to see how they are supporting girls.

Episode 3: Loving Yourself

In episode 3 we look at the importance of mental health, self-esteem, and how a healthy relationship with yourself can be empowering.

Episode 4: Moving Forward

In episode 4 we look at empowering girls through movement. We visit Sole Girls and Spin Sisters to see how they are getting girls moving.

Episode 5: Building Strong Roots

In episode 5 we visit Stardale and Women Building Futures to see how they support all girls in having the tools to empower themselves and their community.

Episode 6: Finding Your Passion

In episode 6 we look at taking risks and following your passion. We visit Lisa Papez (aka the Fat Yogini) and Girls Rock Camp Vancouver to see how they are empowering girls.

Episode 7: Settling In

In episode 7 we visit the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association & Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers to see the support they offer girls.

Episode 8: Changing the Game

In episode 8 we visit S.M.A.R.T. and Dana DiTomaso to learn about empowering girls in science and technology.