That's a wrap (in Vancouver)

Vancouver was a success... our crew even had some time to explore the city (biking in Stanley Park, trying out some hip ice cream shops) in between shoots! We even had one day of sunshine which happened to fall on our outdoor shoot day... so our good luck continues.

On Sunday we started with Lisa Papez, aka the Fat Yogini. She hosted a free class so that we could get some viz to go along with her story.

The reason I call myself the Fat Yogini is because the word fat really should just mean that i’m in a larger body. We attach all these other meanings to it... we have all these social constructs around that word, and I call myself that so that people understand that you’re allowed to be in a body that doesn’t look like maybe we’re taught that it should look.
— Lisa Papez

With Sole Girls we spent an afternoon with their after school program for 5-7 year old girls! It was "SOLE" awesome - and we even got into their lingo. Founder Ashley Wiles shared with us why she was inspired to start Sole Girls...

The idea is really to connect girls with girls, give them a safe space to love themselves... and use fun physical activity to build their confidence.
— Ashley Wiles

Our last evening was spent with Girls Rock Vancouver at their after school program.

When kids are young they tend to look at people their same gender, slightly older, so they see people that look like them... and that opens up the possibilities of what they can do. So when it comes to rock music or punk music, it’s super important for young women to see themselves represented.
— Dusty Exner