JANUARY update

We are more than half way through January and we're gearing up for our shoot in Vancouver! It's been a busy month in Edmonton already meeting these #nofilter females...

We spent a morning with Susanne, her energetic 5 year old daughter and adorable 5 WEEK old baby girl... Susanne shared her experience with the Family Centre's Healthy Relationships and then 5 year old Veronica wow'ed us with her piano and sandwich making skills!

Already I’ve been able to pass on what I’ve learned (to my daughter)– I started practicing mindfulness, and patience, and meditation. And I talk about these in front of my daughter.
— Susanne

At the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN), Raghad shared her experience moving to Canada and with EMCN's Global Girls...

My advice to girls that are new to Canada, or anywhere, just be who you are… and don’t care about what people say, because it’s good to be different. It’s OK if you’re not confident at the beginning, you’ll get there...
— Raghad